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i had to tell someone this and i just found this community which i think is appropriate. on oct. 23rd, i was sitting at the same table as kaia! wtf! and none of the people beside me knew who she was. huh-muh-na-huh! i'm like "do u not know who that is?" they were like, "uh, know." i said, "u haven't heard of the butchies?!" they were like "yeah, but i don't know what they look like."

since no one else was surprised, i thought i was hallucinating or something since i just taught a zine workshop immediately after a long ass drive from richmond,va to durham, nc for the chicks rock tour.

anyway, cuz i'm a geek, i kept finding reasons to get up and walk past her as she waited for her coffee. finally when i decided to say something, she was getting ready to leave with her coffee, as she turned to leave she must have seen my awestruck face cuz she smiled and nodded whatsup! silent screams! silent screams!

how did i not know they were from durham? i am so moving there!

my friend tex is trying to get them to play in richmond, va for a benefit show. keeping my fingers crossed that they'll do the show and i won't flip my shit this time! if yr in richmond, come check out the show at the nanci raygun. nov. 17th!
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