you don't know me, but i'm famous - j,lc (ex_shorthan) wrote in thebutchies,
you don't know me, but i'm famous - j,lc

Population 1975

So, uh, this is kinda random. But I figured if anyone could help me, you guys could.

I won't go into the whole story, but basically my friend and I COMPLETELY accidentally clicked on a link to some Butchies lyrics (literally, like, something hit the mouse button or something. We'd never even heard of them) and the song it happened to go to was "Population 1975" and we were looking at the lyrics, and lo and behold right there in the song is our hometown, "Cullman, Alabama". It's a really tiny town. No one knows where it is. And here it was in a song that we clicked completely by accident.

Fate? I think so. So we're really interested. It's been... Maybe a year or so since this happened, and we can't find the song anywhere, including iTunes. So if any of you have it and would like to share it with a couple of chicks from Cullman, AL, then that would be great. Comment here if you'd like to share it with me in some way.

Thanks a million!
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Sure, just toss me an email and we'll work something out. Have you heard any of their songs? I'll just make you a cd of my favorite butchies songs so you actually know who they are then! Pop 1975 is a slower song, so it wouldn't give a very accurate picture of who the Butchies are, plus that album is a few years old. and since I love the Butchies I'm always ready to pass along that love to others! My email is Make sure you put something about livejournal or the butchies in the email so I don't accidentally delete it.