Work In Progress (work_inprogress) wrote in thebutchies,
Work In Progress

4.25.2005 HEY EVERYBODY!!! We Butchies, after 7 years of playing music together, have decided to take what we will call a “hiatus”. Here’s the scoop (inside scoop): simply, we’re all ready and desiring to “move on” and pursue other crazy shit in this crazy life. We still love each other and have loved loved loved our experiences and all our fans and in a godly way all our enemies too (not love them as much though). Our last record, Make Yr Life, stands as testament to the place we’re all at individually, and although many of you reading this may feel sad, you should remember that we’re calling it “a day” in the most positive of ways. Looks like we’ll do a few shows throughout the spring, some random ones in the summer, and perhaps more in the fall and that’ll probably be it for a while. As of now it looks like Melissa will be drummer slut and play with all sorts of different folks (eg: Gretchen Phillips), and she’ll pursue her career on SNL, with a plan B of becoming a cloud. Alison has decided to go back to her roots of zoology and is looking to get a PHD and be a SCIENTIST, either that or maybe plan B of becoming an essential oil. Kaia is moving to Portland OR and plans on working at Hooters mostly only because she is currently obsessed with “short shorts” and thinks she’ll look great and trim in orange short shorts. She’s planning on keeping up in musical ventures and her plan B is to become a pair of short shorts. We’ll still keep our website up and running for the time being, and you can contact us directly if you’d like to (see contacts link), we are all relatively flaky in returning emails but we will try plus we love and appreciate hearing from you. Just like the song, we’ve “had the time of our lives” and dirty danced our way across this bizarre country for a damn long time, acquiring new friends and fans along our way. Thank you THANK YOU Thank you for all your love, support, high fives, low fives, gifts, presence, enthusiasm, undergarments, overgarments, hospitality (all those of you who housed/entertained/fed us) and just for being YOU. We have been as grateful to all our fans as y’all have been grateful to us, keep FReAKY QUEeR being yourself loving yourself. Love, Kaia Melissa Alison (aka The Butchies)
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