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The Butchies

Make Yr Life
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This is a community where fans can come together
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Durham, NC-based queercore trio the Butchies reunited singer/guitarist Kaia Wilson and drummer Melissa York, who previously teamed in the pioneering Team Dresch. Joined by ex-Poor Valentino bassist Alison Martlew, the Butchies signed to Mr. Lady (the independent label Wilson founded with girlfriend Tammy Rae Carlson) to issue their1998 debut Are We Not Femme?. A year later, the Chris Stamey-produced Population 1975 was released. The Butchies didn't waste much time in between albums; Wilson kept herself busy with Mr. Lady and issued albums by Le Tigre and Sarah Dougher in the early millennium while the band prepared for a third album. Getting back together with producer Greg Griffith, the aptly titled Three appeared in 2001. Stateside dates with The Indigo Girls' Amy Ray followed that summer. A fourth effort, Make Yr Life, was recorded in ten days before hitting shelves in spring 2004. It marked The Butchies' first release with Yep Roc.
-Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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